Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My 24 hr post-mortem on the Mass Senate race

I don't think it was simply a repudiation of healthcare reform. As I've mentioned before, I think HCR was largely a sellout to big corporations. And that's just one piece of a bigger problem faced by President Obama.

My feeling is that this race was related to anxiety over the economy and anger over Washington's cozy relationship with Wall Street and the Capitol's love affair with K Street.

This was less about Republicans vs. Democrats. This was about Populists vs. The Political Class... The Corporatists.

From HCR to the bailouts, I believe that President Obama is a card-carrying member of Washington's Political Class. And unless he decides to go populist, his party will lose a lot of seats this fall... not that the GOP challengers will necessarily be much better if they're also members of The Political Class. But maybe the voters will simply start throwing the bums out every two years until our CongressCritters figure out why they are there?

And on a somewhat related topic, Congressman Ron Paul offered his State of the Union to CNN here:

Tim White


tim white said...

And now Obama is apparently talking that he wants to go populist and actually deal with Wall Street... rather than simply doing as they tell him to do.

Anonymous said...

I watched his acceptance speech. He did a great job and gives the impression that he is for the people. He appears to be the only R that has the qualities to motivate people. He will go on to bigger and better things. What did Brown do for us? He has made a huge difference in the future of this country and he is not in Washington yet. Just wait. I believe every candidate should get a truck and meet the people that they will represent. What a lesson. I never heard of this person until last week.

Anonymous said...

Scott Brown flew down to Washington this morning in coach. Elitist Coakley would have flown by private jet.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure BO and Wall Street are so cozy. Why is he limiting pay? That is controlling, not anything but.

The bailouts appear to be a cozy relationship, but he lures them in with cash then sticks it to them.

Keep up the great blog

Anonymous said...


Wednesday morning in Democratic offices:
(copy & paste):

Anonymous said...

that video above is hysterical!!

bottom lines: everything Obama touches turns to crap, and the Dems should have stuck with Hillary.

the Dems only nominated Obama because it made liberals feel good about themselves. now theyll pay the price.

Anonymous said...

Obama has attempted to pass virtually everything he said he wanted to do with the exception of agreeing to surge in Afghanistan. He may get that right but dragged his knuckles on the graound way too long.

For all of you that fell in love with his speeches but failed to listen to their content shame on you. If your suffering buyers remorse and now support a more center right governace that embraces our constitution and capitalist system then we as a nation will get back onto a road to recovery.

Pelosi and Reid were there along with Kerry and Shumer before Obama came along setting the stage for the banking disaster. Nothing out of Congress should surprise anyone except for once every single R has voted against the miserable Obama agenda and stuck to there position.

And watch out. Obama will lure fools back into his grand schemes and big government plans. Smooth seductive talk works on many folks. We're not yet out of the woods. It starts local. Dump Chris Murphy and stop Blumenthal before we have more of the same out of the CT delegation.

Solid conservative values and governace will save us...nothing else works any better. Big government and entitlements are not your friend.

Charley said...

Wrong, Tim. What happened in Mass. was a total repudiation of Obama's (the Dems) agenda.
It was a vote against his arrogance, incompetence and inexperience. It was a vote against the failed bailout; a vote against Miranda rights for foreign terrorists; a vote against his lip service to bipartisanship and transparency; a vote against big government; a vote against bribery; a vote against affirmative action mortgages. We have a failed community organizer as president. His administration can't even properly vet his nominees, and we expect him to protect our country from terrorists? He can thank the Ridiculoid Queen Nancy and Harry the King of Wimp for screwing it up for him; another indication of his incompetence and inexperience.

Virginia, New Jersey, Mass....It's just the beginning.

The electorate made a big mistake last November. They're finally waking up. The pundits say that it was the unaffiliated voters that gave Brown the victory. They may have been unaffiliated before, but Obama
and the Dems made sure they won't vote for the socialist Dems again.

Looking forward to 2010 / 2012 when the adult party will take over. It can't come soon enough.