Sunday, January 17, 2010

The average annual BOE budget moves - 2001 / 2008

Here's the numbers for the 8-year average of annual June 30 BOE budget transfers:IMO, the single most significant area in which the moves occur is Maintenance and Operations. If you look at the PINK numbers at the bottom, you'll see that these accounts are virtually always over budget... by over $300,000.

I suspect this was an important factor in the October 2008 creation of a $350,000 fund for unforeseen Maintenance & Operations issues.

If I were on the BOE, I'd ask why some accounts are always over budget and some accounts are always under budget. Deviating from a budget will always happen, you just want to minimize it. But to see that some items are always going one way or the other begs questions.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

The Boe should also ask why it is that if you didn't spend in a previous year the amount budgeted for an account, then why would the proposed requested amount in the current budget for that account be an even higher number?

Anonymous said...

Tim, why doesn't the town council do something about this? Have you given this information to the town council (or the town manger at the very least)? If, so what has been the response? There should be investigation.

Anonymous said...

Looks like certified staff expenditures are under budget - and high school teachers with six classes mean that the town spends less than comparable towns where teachers have five (or even four) classes.

Anonymous said...

High school teachers have 6 classes in 2 days, not each day.

In high schools where teachers have 5 classes, that is 5 per day.

Anonymous said...

Hate to break it you but the workload is still the same. its still an extra 20-25 papers.