Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Frank Luntz & Cheshire

I visited my parents tonight and was watching some of the pundits discuss Massachusetts. Frank Luntz' polling group jumped out at me.

At one point Luntz asked a self-described Obama/Coakley voter & healthcare supporter if the Congress should continue pressing forward with appointed Senator Paul Kirk. The Mass voter said something to the effect of "No. The voters spoke. That would be like jamming healthcare down the country's throat... when it's clear that's not what people want."

Luntz replied "But you say this even though you support the President's healthcare bill?" The voter replied, "yes."

Made me think of a little discussion and vote that occured with Cheshire's lame duck Council in November.

Tim White


Breachway said...

The turf is a bit more important than national healthcare Tim....get with it

Anonymous said...

Did you expect anything different from the past TC?