Sunday, January 17, 2010

CTs burgeoning Tea Party movement

The WRAs Paul Hughes has this piece on the level of importance of CTs burgeoning Tea Party movement.

I'm a firm believer that it was Ron Paul's Presidential run that kicked off America's 21st century tea partying. And I'm proud to have been a part of that... I even lost my voice one night up in Manchester, New Hampshire leading one of the chants "Ron Paul revolution; legalize the Constitution!" And I love to see people getting more involved, such as going to rallies and seeing the "End the Fed" signs. It is disturbing at times though, such as when I see some of the images associating the President with certain historic figures.

And on a marginally-related note, GOP Senate candidate Peter Schiff has a money bomb today His site says that he's raised nearly a million and a half bucks so far. Pretty impressive.

Tim White

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West Notchville said...

The Tea Party has endorsed Scott Brown for US Senate in Mass., and Democrat Martha Coakley’s attack ads cite this as an “extremist” group supporting Brown.

Here are some of the more “mainstream” groups who have endorsed Coakley :

The Black Panthers
Rainbow Coalition (Jeese Jackson)
American Muslim Alliance (AMA)

Democratic Underground
Out of Iraq Congressional Caucus
Workers World Party
Employee Free Choice Group

Think Progress
National Education Association
Planned Parenthood
National Organization for Women (NOW)

Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade
Green Party of the United States
La Raza Unida (The Unified Race)

Open Borders for America
Air America Radio
Revolutionary Communist Party

National Public Radio (NPR)
Boston Globe
NY Times
Earth Liberation Front (ELF)

Animal Liberation Front (ALF)
Communist Party of America
Socialist Party for America

Code Pink

Emily's List

In Coakley’s and Esty’s world it’s “extremist” to want to lower taxes and spending, but groups like the above are “progressive”.