Saturday, August 01, 2009

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (44/53)

As I've previously discussed here, anonymity on the web and on this blog is appropriate. After all, our Founding Fathers hid behind pseudonyms routinely. In this ongoing piece, I'm highlighting one of the more famous anonymous writings from a Founding Father - Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

Let each colony be divided into six, eight, or ten, convenient districts, each district to send a proper number of delegates to Congress, so that each colony send at least thirty. The whole number in Congress will be least 390. Each Congress to sit and to choose a president by the following method. When the delegates are met, let a colony be taken from the whole thirteen colonies by lot, after which, let the whole Congress choose (by ballot) a president from out of the delegates of that province. In the next Congress, let a colony be taken by lot from twelve only, omitting that colony from which the president was taken in the former Congress, and so proceeding on till the whole thirteen shall have had their proper rotation. And in order that nothing may pass into a law but what is satisfactorily just, not less than three fifths of the Congress to be called a majority. — He that will promote discord, under a government so equally formed as this, would have joined Lucifer in his revolt.

Invoking Lucifer?! Wow. And calling for the creation of The Continental Congress?! I don't subscribe to the theory that The Founders actually wanted government - and the individuals who comprised the government - to be entirely devoid of religion.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

RE: Lucifer, and, "I don't subscribe to the theory that The Founders actually wanted government ... to be entirely devoid of religion."

Similarly, the Founders did not want a government devoid of honesty and ethics.

The Great EXORCISM is just 3 months away, on Nov. 3 !

Time to drive out Mike, Mike, Matt, and Matt !