Sunday, August 23, 2009

A childhood memory

The NHR has article about a fellow named Jerry Ellison. My dad mentioned the article to me tonight.

I just thought I'd post it here since it brought back fond childhood memories. When I was little, my dad would bring me to see Jerry on Saturday mornings. They'd chat for a little while... then my dad would bring me across the street to the emporium... where he'd buy me some penny candy. Ha! Imagine getting anything for a penny today?! And thirty years later, I frequent the same area... about 50 yards to the west....

And though I wasn't thinking about it when I started writing this post about 60 seconds ago... I can't help but think... ah... yes... Mr. Bernanke, your Federal Reserve truly has protected the value of the dollar. We're so lucky to have your printing presses!

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

Where was this emporium?