Friday, August 07, 2009

Peter Schiff moneybomb: The Schiffathon

Supporters of Peter Schiff (many are my fellow Paulistas!) have scheduled a money bomb for today:


I'm curious to see how it goes. Peter Schiff or Sam Caligiuri - I'd be delighted to call either of them my Senator. Frankly though, while I think Dodd could lose to either of them... I just don't see how Schiff gets the GOP nomination.

Money certainly is helpful though. And while the creators of this particular money bomb hoped to raised $1,000,000 today... they... ummm... are up to... $480,000 as of 1am! Ha! I love it!

I wonder what Team Dodd is thinking?

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

Let's see where Sam gets his money from. Peter Schiff has made it clear where he is getting his.