Tuesday, August 18, 2009

09/10 Capital Budget: Schools (3/3) Renovations (2/3)

Here's the complete list of capital projects proposed under the schools' renovation budget:Indoor air quality issues / carpet replacement / tile restoration:District-wide window replacement:Smartboards:Do we need smartboards this year? As well, do we need windows this year without a district-wide plan that details where we'll get the most value - in energy savings, improved air quality or repair of malfunctioning windows?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Do we need the track re-surfaced?
How often does that happen?
What if the turf heads get their way?Will the installation ruin the new track surface?

Anonymous said...

It's rather sad that essential stuff like carpets and windows in the schools get neglected but astroturf gets to the top of the "need" list.

Anonymous said...

The turf money could be used for something other than turf. The dem majority knows it but won't pursue it. Face it, the dems would rather get a turf field than use those funds towards something we really need. Talk about being fiscally irresponsible!!