Monday, August 31, 2009

09/10 Capital Budget: Ruocco's budget proposal

I expect this will be the proposal offered by Councilman Tom Ruocco tomorrow:Tim White


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So explain how the requested $250,000 for "resufacing the track" has now changed to just $150,000. Are we resurfacing only part of the track? Or was the $250,000 an inflated number? And why does it now say "resufacing the track/and field improvements." Are they planning on using the $150,000 for something other than the track?

Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise - the democratic majority wants to continually increase spending & borrowing.

Tim White said...

11am... I appreciate your question. But simply put, I'm going to delete any and all comments related to that topic. And based on your comment, I hope you understand my concern.

Anonymous said...

$250,000 to $150,000

Well the Democrats and TM are not as dumb as many of us think.

If you want something to pass, you low-ball the item, get it passed, pick your favorite contractor, start the construction until the approved amount is used up, go back to council and say "Do you want us to stop or will you come up with thousands more. They will then say, "I guess the original $250,000 was closer than we thought, so just throw in another $100,000 and some more in case that is not enough.

Just where do these people think the money is going to come from? Oh, it's not going to cost anything as we will bond it.

We can't afford the 5 Dem spenders.

Anonymous said...

9:38 I think you hit the nail on the head.