Thursday, August 27, 2009

Altieri wants a discussion on performance contracting

Yesterday I got the following (unedited) email from Councilman Matt Altieri:

Hello Fellow Councilors

Yesterday Michael Milone, Rich Ogurick and I met to discuss the ESCO process. There was much progress made and it was an excellent meeting. There are still many issues that we need to research but the consensus was to bring in a consultant to present the process and have a discussion with commission members, council and public.
Most likely in October as we need to schedule this. I would recommend Chris Halpin of Celtic Energy.

Is this ok with all? Wanted to make sure before going forward.

Matt Altieri

As I've mentioned before here, and explained in detail here... I do believe that Councilman Truth is the reason that there's been no serious discussion of PC. But I also believe that Councilman Altieri is quite sincere in doing this. So I thank Councilman Matt Altieri for his efforts.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Remember, this is an election year.
Beware of the wolf in sheeps clothing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, isn't it odd that for all this time that the R's have tried to get performance contracting considered, finally just before an election Mr. Altieri is attempting to move the idea along.

Anonymous said...

Tim, you're being too gracious about Altieri's motives.

After years of rejecting or ignoring performance contracting, he suddenly shows interest -- weeks before the election.

Anonymous said...

What is the connection between Celtic Energy and Alteri? Answer this question and you answer why he all of a sudden wants to explore this possibility.