Friday, August 28, 2009

Action Sports is closing

The NHRs Luther Turmelle reported that Action Sports (in the Richlin's / Staples plaza) is closing:

Action Sports has been in town since 1992, but the recession has forced owner Paul von Maffei to close the South Main Street store in order to keep his Branford and Old Saybrook locations open.

“We were not even breaking even there and it had been that way since last winter,” von Maffei said.

Luther also reports that the consignment shop is relocating to the same plaza - where CVS used to be.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

A bit off subject, but what happened down near West Johnson Road today? Heard there was gas leak and Rt. 10 was shut down. Was it connected to the road work down there?

Anonymous said...

Hey Manny and Linda found a new spot where Greenwich Coffee used to be!

Anonymous said...

So Tim, what's with your new picture on the homepage? Are you going into the tie-dye business, or moving to a hippie commune?!

Tim White said...

Are you going into the tie-dye business, or moving to a hippie commune?!


what's with your new picture on the homepage?

It's a picture at the unloading dock entrance of Red Frog Beach in Bocas del Toro

... an archipelago in Panama... it's where I visited just over the border from Costa Rica. It was beautiful.

As for changing the pic, it's mostly me just playing with my camera and getting accustomed to the technology... same as me playing with the video lately. Besides, I've had that other pic up for way too long.

I can't recall ever visiting a hippie commune. Though some may argue The Green Tortoise is a hippie commune on wheels. My only coast-to-coast cross country trip was fun... though there were a few unusual characters on it.

And there sure was something of a hippie commune feel where I was camping when I went whitewater rafting in West Virginia several years ago. But I never went to the actual hippie commune... it was just pointed out to me as we drove by. I was completely caught off guard when I was told that though... I figured those things went the way of the dodo and the 1960s... long gone. But that's not so.

Tim White said...

oh... as for all the colorful t-shirts... those were just "Red Frog Beach" t-shirts for sale.

Anonymous said...

Another empty storefront in the southend of Cheshire... And all people care about is the hippy pictures of Tim in a foreign country.

We as Americans need to stand together and help eachother during these trying times. We need to remember that each purchase of a foreign made product can potentially put an American out of work. Each vacation out of the United States hurts our own tourism. Every person traveling to a foreign country is a person who is not spending money locally.

This business closing puts about a dozen workers out of a job. Many of them are town residents and students that have no source of income anymore. These are our neighbors that are joining thousands of others looking at the help wanted ads for jobs that are not there.

We need to Buy American and Stay American! Until this economy turns around, visit states you have never been to, spend a few cents more for an american made product, buy from a local shop over the internet.

We are not talking about Walmart closing a store, but Action Sports - and this is 1/3 of an American company going out of business.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:09....what makes you think Action Sports is selling American made products????

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been in there? I have. A good 90% of the ski and snowboard equipment is American made. Actually never heard of a chinese ski manufacturer.