Saturday, August 29, 2009

A tribute to Norm the Barber

The Town Council's TV producer, Henry Chase, recently uploaded his video of the 40th anniversary of Norm the Barber. If you watch the video, you'll likely recognize at least one or two people:

I never really knew Norm. I've been going to Joe since my first haircut.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Norm has been a friend to Cheshire for over 50 years.
When you stepped foot ino that barbershop, no matter who you were, Norm would would be genuinely interested in your life.
You can't find many barbers like him any more.
Going into Norms was like going to your local bar. You would see friends and talk sports and gossip.

He will be missed.

RIP Norm!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I have been getting my hair cut in Wallingford for the last 25 years and that place is much like Norms. Unfortunatly, you have to leave Cheshire to get old fashioned service (unless you want a wash and a style)