Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A special guest for a Cheshire GOP fundraiser this fall?

Compliments of Council candidate Anne Giddings (and her identical twin sister), Cheshire may get a very special guest for a GOP fundraiser this fall.

He was the conservative standard-bearer in the US Senate in the 1990s. And after a number of disappointing nominations by President-elect George W. Bush, our possible special guest finally gave both social conservatives and strict constructionists reason to cheer with his nomination to be the next U.S. Attorney General. (I fall in the strict constructionist category... I'm not particularly concerned about civil unions or gay marriage.)

And while he got derided by liberals during his tenure for reasons as simple as him being a Bush appointee... I stood firm all along that he supported the Constitution. And just this month there was further evidence documented by the liberal left that Ashcroft defended the Constitution - not President Bush.

If you read the link, you'll see that President Bush personally sent Alberto Gonzales and Andy Card to the hospital bed of the sitting U.S. Attorney General... to ask for his signoff on warrantless wiretapping.

John Ashcroft refused.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Ashcroft was the best Attorney General the country had in the past 20 years. This would be an honor.

Of course, he also lost to a dead man in Missouri in 2000, but weve all seen the voters do funny things

tim white said...

And if I recall, when he lost that race in 2000 he stepped away quite gracefully (without knowledge that he was going to be USAG).

It further shows his strong character that he simply walked away.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,

Brenda here, can you ask Chris Bigelow why he won't allow any of my posts to appear on his blog CTLocalPolitics?


Anonymous said...

Earth to Tim, Earth to Tim, do you copy? John Ashcroft defender of water boarding and the Patriot Act; and you stand firm that he supported the constitution? How about Sibel Edmonds rights? Or his illegal campaign contributions? Or his faithful support of the war in Irag? Or his refusal to hand over torture documents to Congress?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:55pm

You're around now to complain, aren't you?

I'll thank Mr. Ashcroft on your behalf

tim white said...

6:55... the only elected official who I believe defends the Constitution 100% is Ron Paul.

Regardless, my feelings about John Ashcroft are more about him being a good person. Frankly, while I'm far from perfect... I find it more than annoying to have Sanford berating Clinton in the 90s, then having his own "flaws" a decade later.

Ashcroft is a good person who I believe not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. I respect that.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Tim White hisownself said:

Ashcroft is a good person who I believe not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. I respect that

I agree the man has character; an undersold quality as of late.

Anonymous (1) said...

...lost to a dead man in Missouri

After several polling places in the most Democratic districts in the entire state were illegally kept open for several hours extra.

Ashcroft stepped aside as he realized she had nothing to do with the illegal activities and in deference to the fact that she had just buried her husband and son.

Anonymous (2) said...

Ashcroft defender of water boarding and the Patriot Act...

Check the constitution, you can bet Ashcroft did.

Besides if the Patriot Act makes you nervous; check out exactly what kind of juice U.S. Postal Security has sometime.
(Waaaay over the top; there's a reason the Hope Diamond is transported exclusively by U.S. Mail.)

Anonymous said...

Hate to play the Ron Paul card but:

Ron Paul voted against the Patriot Act; John Ashcroft was in favor of it, and even wanted to strengthen it.

Anonymous said...

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