Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thoughts on last night's TM contract vote

My comments from the vote on the TMs contract:

Some additional thoughts:

With regard to driving policy through inaction... add Mixville as another glaring example... steering people to the pool to increase revenue there, while neglecting Mixville, was wrong. And that had happened for years. Hopefully that practice had ended.

My overall concern though is judgment. And excluding the members of Cheshire's Political Class, including some residents of The Gated Castle, what Cheshire residents actually believe giving a 6% or 7% payraise after the recession had started shows good judgment?

How some Council members could speak with a straight face last night... after some of the comments they made off camera... is amazing to me. It reminds me of a comment made by the Council Chairman a few years ago. He recalled a comment made to him by Councilman Altieri. Basically, Altieri said to Hall that politicians were actors who couldn't succeed in Hollywood.

Based on last night's performance, I think several people sitting behind the dais could do quite well in Hollywood.

And I'd still love for someone to get Councilman Ecke on the record, responding to my concerns about the work environment at the CPD.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

another Cheshirwe cop arrested

Anonymous said...

"another Cheshirwe cop arrested"

The New Haven Register, August 13, 2009, page A3 has a column.

Evidently officer Robert Anderson used his ex-wife's credit card for a $119 membership to
Evidently his ex-wife didn't like her credit card bing used , so he was arrested by the Middlebury police.

The register says the charges were dropped by the court, but said they didn't know why. He's been on active duty and Lt Jay Markel declined comment when asked if he would face discipline action.

By the way, does anyone know what happened to the Cheshire policeman that was accused by his babysitter?

Anonymous said...

I hear there are allot grievances being filed and hearings convened..what is going on?

tim white said...

"I hear there are allot grievances being filed and hearings convened..what is going on?"

Wouldn't surprise me. But whenever I ask the Personnel Chair such questions, I get nothing but the runaround. I'll keep questioning, but it takes years to get some of the simplest information.

tim white said...

"months" is probably more accurate than "years," but regardless... this Council loves to employ Washington-style politics... deny, defer, delay it gets very tiring at times.

Anonymous said...

Is Cheshire another Madison?

Do we have two separate justice? What would the penalties have been if they were simply private citizens?