Sunday, August 16, 2009

Meetings this week

There's a capital budget meeting on Monday at 7pm in Town Hall. The schools are on the agenda. Then the Council will hold the public hearing on the capital budget on Tuesday at 7:30pm. In addition to the public hearing, the Council is planning to vote on additional funds for the pool. I don't expect to be voting in support of more money for the pool.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

What happens if the TC doesn't vote to increased funding for the pool?
What are the options?
They should have some alternative, shouldn't they?

Do you think it will get the necessary votes?

Anonymous said...

What happened to your question about hte extra funds needing public approval?

tim white said...

The meeting was a month ago. But my understanding is if the additional funding is not appropriated, then a second less expensive option will be used to open the pool for the winter. And no additional funding will be required. I may very well be missing some details though.

tim white said...

"What happened to your question about hte extra funds needing public approval?"

I was told that no public hearing is required. Basically, public hearings are required for appropriations in excess of $175,000... and when the money is not coming from the Capital Non-recurring fund (CNR). And while I mentioned last week that the likely expense of $242,000 less the current CNR funding of $65,000 was still in excess of the $175,000 threshhold... I was then told (if my understanding is correct) that the $242,000 will be covered with CNR funds from more than one year... or something like that. Frankly, to me it's all just a shell game that Cheshire's Political Class is playing in an effort to continue business as usual and do whatever they please... because they know best!