Saturday, August 15, 2009

09/10 Capital Budget: Schools 1/3 - roofing

You can see all three components of the schools' proposed capital budget here. And here is the first part of the schools' proposed capital budget:

Roof replacements:Tim White


Anonymous said...

Why do you need a consultant to see if a roof needs replacement?

Anonymous said...

I understand the need for an expert to determine when the roofs need repair, but I was wondering how that consultant is hired.
Is he a general contractor who may also do the roof replacement?
Is the consultant job put out to bid or is it given to a cronie?
I am sure there is some procedure in place, but since I am not in the inner circle, I am not familiar with it.

Anonymous said...

"our plan is to have a consultant review all roofs "

Why hire a consultant? Do school roofs presently show any indications of trouble? With all that high priced school administrative staff it would be expected that somewhere some of them have been tracking roof problems or does the school system not have this basic talent?

It seems that any time a decision needs to be made which results in spending dollars on something like school roofs, pools and whatever there must always be an out side consultant. Normally in these situations a town gets a qualified engineer or an architect to do the inspections and evaluations. After all, public roofs in public buildings are at some level a safety issue. After the pool fiasco and the pool consultants it would not be surprising to find out the BOE roof consultant was an out of work school principal or superintendent.

If the town engineering department cannot perform acceptable roof inspections etc maybe in their present configuration they really are not necessary.

November can’t come soon enough, time for change.

Anonymous said...

My cousin came over and checked my roof. Cost me a few beers.

Anonymous said...

This consultant thing is crazy. Seems like to avoid being blamed for a bad decision, they hire a consultant so any blame would fall with them. Don't we have anyone that can make decisions??

Anonymous said...

Some roofing materials contain asbestos. Perhaps that is the reason a consultant is hired. If not, perhaps the consultant has friends in town and consults at Yellowjackets.