Saturday, August 08, 2009

Council meeting agenda - August 11

There's some interesting stuff here: Item 7A includes a possible vote to spend money on the pool. The chances I support that motion are somewhere between slim to none. Seriously, who isn't disgusted with this stuff. If the Council had acted in February 2008 - rather than playing dumb with my suggestions to take action - we may have had a shovel-ready project in December 2008... and this whole discussion could have been avoided. But instead, the Council prefers to drag it's feet:

1) considering performance contracting for the town,
2) modernizing the town's pension system,
3) reducing the use of town-owned take-home vehicles...

the list of inaction on important issues seems endless.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Pavement Software--did you see the picture in The Herald of the oil truck than caved in part of Nob Hill? Why don't you ask what "Grade" Nob Hill got and if the software would detected this? You can be sure the Town is going to get a bill from the Oil Company to fix the truck which had to be towed...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Pavement Software-- where did Glenbrook Drive end up on the list. If you never drove down that road, you really should. Craters...sinkholes over the sewer main. The people have been driving over it for years, very dangerous!

Anonymous said...

"sinkholes over the sewer main. The people have been driving over it for years, very dangerous!"

Hey, Mike E and Matt A don't live on Glenbrook, so why should they care? Just gimme turf !

November 3 can't come soon enough.