Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pratt prefers talks with non-pols

From the AP:

Lawmakers began looking at ways Friday to halt possible job cuts at Pratt & Whitney, but met resistance from the jet engine maker, which said it prefers to work with economic development officials.

Sen. Gary LeBeau, co-chairman of the General Assembly’s Commerce Committee, said before a hearing that he and other legislators want to determine what the state can do to “wipe out the job cuts, if possible.”

LeBeau recently joined the Democratic field for Governor. I think Crusher is still the only announced candidate. Then Malloy and Bysiewicz (sp??) are undeclared, but raising lots of money. Compare that to Crusher who isn't raising any money, even with all the favors he dished out from his annual slush fund of $12 million that he controlled as Speaker. And I only know of one other possibility - Ned Lamont - who keeps dipping his toe in the water... but he's definitely not jumping in... not yet at least.

Tim White

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