Wednesday, August 12, 2009

09/10 Capital Budget: Parks & Recreation

Here's the proposed capital budget for P&R:Park improvements:Linear trail:Pool improvements:This is the $50,000 that I mentioned here a few days ago. FWIW, I'm not voting to spend this money on the pool. It's beyond ridiculous. How many times do we have to fix this roof?!

If there was any leadership on the Council, they wouldn't have thwarted my efforts to fast track my calls for an alternative to the bubble in February 2008. And if they had moved on that, the town may have been able to get money in December 2008 for a shovel-ready, green energy project that would have eliminated the bubble for good. Oh well. 73 days to go.

But hey... at least Councilman Turf secured $525,000 for his Cheshire version of the Clint Eastwood / Hilary Swank classic!

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Storage buildings here, storage buildings there, a big town garage just over the hill, new trucks, old trucks, take home SUVs etc etc etc. With all the trucks and town vehicles and the very short distances between all facilities and the difficulties even a well run organization has when it disperses its resources and equipment between numerous storage facilities one just has to wonder if in fact anyone really knows what all our park storage facilities contain and are supposed to contain.

Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Forget the fricken trail....we dont have the money right now. Restrooms?? are you kidding me? I am glad that all this money for the pool will "possibly" eliminate the problems. Mixville has been a mess for many years, now all of a sudden they need a opaved parking lot. My daughter is out of high school in 2 years, my wife and I are already making plans to get out of this place.

Anonymous said...

I'm against any money spent on Mixville. Now that it is fee based for any taxpayer that has to drive there, it should be self sustaining.

I can't see why taxpayers that can not have free use of this park, have to pay taxes to maintain this park.

Can we have an accounting of how much money has been collected so far?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there money in a previous capital budget for a storage unit by the pool at Bartlem?

How much are we paying to rent the trailors at the pool? Talk about a waste of money - this has been dragging on for too long.

Forget about bathrooms on the trail. The trail is worth extending, but bathrooms aren't necessary.

Forget about fencing at Cheshire Park & Bartlem. It'll look horrible. Maybe the police can patrol the area more often.

Anonymous said...

the police are too busy on Eharmony finding dates