Monday, August 24, 2009

09/10 Capital Budget: Ecke's proposed changes

Councilman Ecke presented his proposed changes to the TMs 09/10 Capital Budget:The changes were discussed tonight by Altieri, Dill, Ecke, Hall, Ruocco, Sima, Slocum and White. As well, there were a few residents in attendance - Joe Bartoli, Andy Falvey, Anne Giddings, Sylvia Nichols and Ray "Henny Youngman" Squire.

Tom Ruocco and Mike Ecke discussed a number of different projects and found agreement on most. The glaring exception seemed to be the pool. While Tom (and I) voiced concerns about continued spending on this Policy of Patchwork, Councilman Altieri wanted more spending on the pool.

He wanted more money for his Policy of Patchwork.

Haven't we all had enough of that? I know I have.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Ecke and Altieri might as well build a giant toilet, and flush down tax money in $100 bills. That would still cost us less than they're squandering on the pool, turf, and other pet projects.

Anonymous said...

The track resurfacing project was reduced from $250,000 to $150,000.

Does that mean they're going to resurface only a little more than half of it??

Has the council even looked at the track themselves? Maybe it can wait another couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Ecke & Altieri want to double the spending on the pool??? Are they crazy??

Anonymous said...

Instead of more spending, they should re-think the use of the pool.
It is not working as a year round facility since we are dumping so much money into it.
All I keep hearing is how much money we should or shouldn't spend, but I don't hear how we can stop this spending.
The Republicans should come up with their own plan to phase it out and use that as a platform to run on this November.