Monday, August 10, 2009

Spending more money on the pool!

No, thank you.

I just don't see why we continue spending money on all of these ad hoc fixes.

My vote will be no surprise to anyone though. I wonder how others will vote?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

This is the biggest money pit I have ever seen.
Anyone voting to continue to dump money into this should be voted out of office.
When will it end?

Why don't they begin negotiations with an independant corporation like the YMCA to take over the pool? I am sure they can run it more efficiently then the bafoons making the decisions now.

Anonymous said...

One has to really wonder why it took an "environmental air quality expert" to figure the place was moldy. Many people can smell and see mold when it is present in a building which is always too humid and poorly ventilated. No doubt there was not enough outside air being pumped through the building both summer and winter.

The last line of the TM memo was a real classic. The TM just can't wait for the budget to spend the money.

Here's a thought, maybe before spending any more let's have a full, public investigation of how the town actually got to this low point in the performance of a town resource. Until the town completes and publishes a detailed comprehensive evaluation of this classic disaster, naming names of responsible departments and employees the town will continue to make these messes at tax payer expense for some time to come.

Town tax payers deserve to have this mess dissected and exposed in the hopes that future similar messes can be stopped before they start.

Anonymous said...

November 3 can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

quit throwing good money after bad; what is so hard with this concept?

Anonymous said...

Please fire Joe M. Why did we start down the renovation road without a complete understanding of the costs? You can't tell be that the mold is a surprise. This is a breakdown, again of the PBC/PW/Town Council/Town Manager relationship. November 3 can't come soon enough.
As for future "mold"......there will ALWAYS be some mold in a pool building....have you checked in your bathroom lately? Try along the bottom of your shower curtain and especially behind the water tank on your toilet. I guarantee you there is mold in YOUR house. Quick! tear it down!

Anonymous said...

Is that how things get on the Council's agenda?