Saturday, May 30, 2009

A history of the pool RFP

The RFP for a pool enclosure has finally been issued and scheduled for an opening on June 24. If you read this Herald article (by Josh Morgan), you’ll see that no enclosure will be going to referendum this year. And the talking points are already being issued “I don’t think it’s realistic to come up with a solid number and a plan that everyone is comfortable with in time for this year.”

But before anyone starts drinking that kool-aid, please recall the sequence of events that led to this RFP:

October 2007 – I point out that the Council majority has refused to take action on the pool. And at a time when Congressman Murphy is voting on war & peace, Cheshire’s Council leadership claims it is paralyzed (see here and here) over a recreational facility.

November 2007 – The Council Chairman requests the Energy Commission to review the energy issues at the pool.

February 2008 – Energy Commission member Dave Gavin issues his report. During that discussion, I attempt to direct staff to issue a Request for Information for pool enclosure options, such as the ones discussed by the Energy Commission. The Council majority hems and haws over the meaning of a “Request for Information” and refuses to direct their boss staff to do anything.

March 2008 – I again advocate action on the pool enclosure and it’s wasteful energy consumption. Again, the Council majority explains that they are confused by the phrase “Request for Information.”

April 2008 – Due to public pressure, the Council majority acknowledges there are problems with the pool and decides to create an ad hoc Pool Committee. The Pool Committee is to issue an RFP for options for pool enclosures.

May 2009 – We hear the nonsense about time constraints.

June 1, 2009 – Capital budgets are due from Department Heads to the TM.

July 15, 2009 – The TMs capital budget is due to the Council.

September 5, 2009 – The Council must vote on a capital budget 60 days prior to a referendum question.

November 3, 2009 – Capital budget items greater than $350,000 go to referendum.

For years, we’ve known the bubble was an issue. To sit here in the summer of 2009 and say that we don’t have enough time to thoughtfully consider a pool enclosure is pure nonsense. If the Council would admit that it’s been ignoring the pool for years, then at least they’d be intellectually honest about the situation. But intellectual honesty and candor isn’t their forte.

Tim White

P.S. As for the politics about why it didn't happen in 2008... my guess is there was a Council member who was running for another office 2008 and didn't want it on the ballot at the same time. And as for the politics about why it won't happen this year... well this year there's a few more people running for office who don't want the pool and their names on the ballot at the same time.


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