Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Rasmussen Reports: voters' concerns

From a Rasmussen Report released yesterday:

As usual, the economy remains at the top of the list of issues among voters, with 81% who say the issue is very important. That number has changed very little over the past year. Government ethics and corruption comes in second on the list, with 76% of voters who believe it is a very important issue.

While both Democrats and Republicans see economic issues as the most important, GOP voters now rank government ethics and corruption as second over national security issues. Voters not affiliated with either party see government ethics as the most important issue, with the economy close behind.

It's too bad for Cheshire's Political Class Washington's Political Class that they oblivious to the concerns of voters.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

Here in Corrupticut nothing has changed. In the most recent Connecticut Senate session, a non-partisan committee was formed for the purpose of establishing a standing committee to review possible ethics violations. Both parties worked on establishing rules for how the committee would work and it was generally felt the standing committee would improve one of the most important needs and that is the public's trust in their government. Recognizing the fact that the public has absolutely no trust of it's public officials, the concensus was that something had to be done.

After all the work to establish the rules under which the committee would work, it then came down to a vote. The Republicans clearly supported the bill as one of the most needed pieces of legislation and the Democrats went out of their way to attack it with the flimsiest reasons.

Clearly the Democrats felt it wasn't needed and voted against it. The Democrats evidently like things the way they are and could not have made a more powerful statement, that they like the uncontrolled atmosphere where corruption continues unhindered. One can only arrive at the conclusion that the people who voted against the committee, suppport crooked politicians and if they themselves aren't crooks or controlled by lobbyists, then they don't mind being thought of as crooks.

The Repulicans should make this a major part of their campaign and a good slogan would be

"If you like crooks and lobbyists, vote for a Democrat".

Democrats are against ethics enforcement.