Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pool updates from The Gated Castle

1) The Community Pool will be re-opening at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow.

2) We received seven proposals in response to the RFP for the Pool. The proposals are complex, and we are working on a matrix to break out the cost components and provide an analysis. The gross numbers quoted are at least as much or more than the original cost of the Pool. However, please remember that this is preliminary, and I would expect that the dollar amounts quoted can be somewhat disaggregated. Matt Altieri is scheduling a Pool Subcommittee meeting in early July to review these proposals.

What are the chances that Councilman Turf requests the $525,000 for turf be redirected to the pool? Ha.

November can't come soon enough.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

can the turf money be redirected? Is the pool considered a school athletic complex?

You are right, November can't come soon enought. Your district deserves someone that will work on district concerns, not Laura's

Anonymous said...

You are so mis-informed.
Do you realize that Tim is one of the best representatives a resident could have?
He is concerned about everything that goes on in this town, whether it is Mixville Park (which,by the way, isn't a park used by people who just live in that district), the pool, overspending, or mis-use of power by certain members of the TC.
He cares about this town and you and I are lucky that the people in his district are smart enough to vote him in to office.
Learn a little about what he does before you complain about him.

tim white said...

8:40 Thank you.

I'm of the opinion though that I must accept the trolls here.

Cheshire's Political Class frequents this blog and, unlike the overwhelming majority of town residents, have a highly vested interest maintaining the status quo and continuing filling their pockets.

tim white said...

"can the turf money be redirected?"

Yes, I believe so. I've been very clear about that. My understanding is that the $525,000 came from the Speaker's $12,000,000 annual slush fund. And it could be redirected quite easily, but Councilman Turf and his BFF refuse to do so.

Breachway said...

I can't believe that it has come to the point that we now have to use trailers at the pool.

Anonymous said...

Wow we live in a secluded world... Why cant you believe there are trailers at the pool? Did you not hear of the problems with the mold and general condition of the building? Did you not hear MONTHS ago that there would be trailers there?

Breachway said...

620- Secluded? what are u talking about? I can't believe that it has gone from self-sufficient to yes- trailers....been following it, and paying for it from day one...I did not hear that there was going to be trailers there..waterboard me--since we purchased a season pass for the 1st yr,and never renewed after that...I am well aware of the problems.

Anonymous said...

The trailers were first mentioned last fall when the council aproprated the funds to do this work after the bubble came down. They didn't want poeple freezing their asses off in the winter

Anonymous said...

The way I understood it was that the mold issues were going to be taken care of while the pool liner was being installed. When they found the mold issues to be more extensive, they realized the repairs wouldn't be done by the scheduled reopening so they put a couple of trailers there as makeshift changing rooms.