Monday, June 22, 2009

Ron Paul: The World's Most Popular U.S. Congressman

The HuffPo's Ryan Grim has this fantastic piece on my favorite elected official - Ron Paul!

Grim tells a fascinating story about Ron Paul getting more coverage by foreign news stations than any other member of Congress.

Frankly, I'm not surprised. IMO, he's the only credible counterweight to the Internationalist / Globalist / Obama / Bush agenda that intends to push American hegemony at any cost. Thankfully as Dr. Paul bluntly notes - we can't do it, we're broke.

The question that keeps racing through my mind though... despite the anger and vitriole sent Dr. Paul's way during the GOP primaries... in the end, are his ideas winning? Will his ideas ultimately have more impact on the Obama agenda that McConnell's 40 votes?

The GOP establishment (Steele, Hannity and others) tried to trash Ron Paul. But even today here in Cheshire, I hear more Republicans telling me they wish they had voted for him in the primary.

I realize there's still a disconnect between most grassroots Republicans and Ron Paul, but the reality is we're broke. We simply can't continue on our current trajectory.

Bernanke & Geithner - the failed economic team of Bush / Obama - have decided to monetize the debt. In other words, they decided that money grows on trees.

They intend to pay back China with devalued currency... the same currency that we'll be taking home as salary. Simply put... they made a conscious decision to inflate the money supply... and we will see that in the price of consumer goods.

We will pay for this in the end. And Obama (and his predecessor) will be directly responsible for allowing much of it to happen.

I hope that Ron Paul's message continues to be heard and resonate - across America and around the world. Maybe we can still avoid some of the worst possible outcomes.

Tim White

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