Thursday, June 18, 2009

Florio is on the short list

As many of you probably saw, Superintendent of Schools Greg Florio may very well be leaving. The NHRs Luther Turmelle also had the story today.

I've been thinking about this and while this would obviously be a trying time for the all-volunteer Board of Ed, this could be a real positive for the Town. Maybe I'll elaborate on that this weekend, but not right now.

Again, I wish Greg the best of luck! And for the BOE, you may not need to look very far for a great Superintendent. We have the perfect candidate living here in Cheshire. I'm not sure if she'd want it, but she's absolutely qualified. I'm certain she'd do a fantastic job.

Anyone happen to know to whom I refer?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Esty?

Anonymous said...

Laura DiCaprio? Mike Ecke...Oh he is a CPA not an educator...sorry.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be best to select someone from outside of the system who has a vision to make major changes to improve the educational experience and at the same time lower costs.

By taking anyone from within, you are just getting someone who will simnply occupy the position, who will be restained into making any significant changes by their current ties to the union and their freinds.

As we all know, we just can't continue down the path of 4.4% increases every year. We are in a global economy and all government costs are part of every product that is produced. We just can't afford all the union demands without significant increases in productivity, and in Cheshire we have only experience consistent negative productivity, it is difficult to understand why fewer students translates into a need for more teachers, administrators and staff.

Anonymous said...

She would not take it. Not at this point in life.

tim white said...

"She would not take it. Not at this point in life."

Considering her husband just retired, I tend to agree. But I hope Steve M calls her. She's totally qualified and would do a great job.

Anonymous said...

I would like to throw my hat into the ring for this position. I can save the town about $200,000.00 a year on day one. I will take no pay, no wait a minute, make that a dollar, that's what Mike Bloomberg asked for to be mayor of NYC.

I would only need a small office with a laptop, free school meals, I can't stay later than 2:20pm and I would need weekends and summers off. Oh, and a few secretaries or I should say S.O.S. assistants to do my job while go to meetings and have lunch with staff members at least once a day.

I know how to balance budgets and I have been known to use a pencil to the point where it's all the way down to the eraser end. I would do away with tenure and use a merit based pay system. Those who don't like it can go teach in Newington.

I will have drug sniffing dogs roam the hallways, bathrooms, and the school grounds at all times. I will remove all boiler systems from all the schools and use solar panels, hydrogen generators and geothermal heat pumps to heat and cool every school.

My motto will be: "Every student will have a passing grade." whatever it takes, my educators will have the tools necessary to get the job done. We will not do away with any after school activities..they keep our children safe and busy.

Every classroom will be audio and video monitored and feeds will allow parents to see their children at school and see how professional the teachers are. I will make sure that every child has access to the newest and fastest PC's and Laptops, thanks to our friends at Microsoft. Me and Bill G. are close buddies.

Uniforms will be worn by every Cheshire student, this will cut down on having 11 outfits per week for each student to own and maintain. For those of you who are a bit slow..that would comprise of five on hand for the week, five in the wash and the one your student is wearing.

We will give partial credit in math, I believe that if you showed that you tried, yet made a mistake that should count as something. We are human and we make mistakes. That's why God created erasers. And speaking of prayer, we will start every day off with our National Anthem and a minute of silent prayer.

We will post the ten commandments in each school along side the D.O.I. and the Constitution. These documents are the founding verbiage of this great country. We will also offer Italian as a additional language. It's the language I grew up with and it's the language of love...isn't that romantic.

I will rehire all of our union janitors back, without raising a penny in taxes. I will cut staff to a reasonable number and assign students to take a larger role in governing the make up of the school system. Who knows better what our children need than our children, right?

The school meals program will be taken over by Cheshire owned eateries. I like Vespucci's and the Vic. House, we can throw in a Mickey D's once a week and maybe a Subway too. We will bring back SODA, but each student that consumes more than 1000 calories while in school will have to do 50 push-ups that same day. It's only fair, I believe in balance in my administration.

I will only need one vice-principle and that will be Jackie Sima because i think she's smart enough, strong enough and gosh darn it I kind of like her a lot....sorry Jimmy, don't get made at me, I'm very sensitive you know. The students will be allowed to call Mrs. Sima "Jack-Aaaa" and they must call me Mr. Education Czar Sir. That's fair, right?

There will be no school on October 6th of every year..'cause that's my birthday. But...only students that bring in a gift for me will be allowed off. The others can scrape gum off the bottom of desks.

We will do away with civics class and replace it with one hour of FOX news, that's fair and balanced. No more liberal arts anymore either, that will be replaced with conservative sumba classes.

I hope you will consider my speaks volumes of experience and knowledge mixed in with a lot of controlled chaos and FUN!



Anonymous said...

Don't get too excited - he's staying.