Monday, June 15, 2009

A history of Bernanke's words

I found this video on the Campaign for Liberty. It's a brief history of Ben Bernanke's words on the housing market from 2005 to 2007:

Pairing Helicopter Ben with Taxman Tim and we have a real brain trust running Obama's economic team. Thankfully we elected President Judgment! Witness the great clarity with which he explained last fall's economic debacle during the Presidential debate on the economy:

"This is a final verdict,... on eight years of failed economic policies promoted by George Bush"

I'm so glad Obama got elected! Now we have a new economic team!

Oh... wait... no... we don't. Hmmm... oh well. I'm sure the guys who brought us this debacle are the best ones to fix it. Go Chris Dodd!

Tim White

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