Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some photos of Mixville - by Adam Cook

Adam Cook offers these photos of Mixville for your perusal.

Tim White


Anonymous said...


Have you been going to Mixville on a week day, Saturday and Sunday?

Have you looked at the park yourself or are you relying on a few negative people.

With all the rain we have had, it's not surprising that water collects especially because the ball field an playscape are at the bottom of a hill.

Give me a break, I'll bet if you went to anyone of the complainers property, you could get some interesting pictures, and make sure you go right after a heavy rain.

tim white said...

I was there on Sunday at 7pm and last Thursday at about 5pm.

IMO, the issue is about feeling safe and giving the park some respect.

The lack of respect by Town Hall is a particularly aggravating issue as I've seen it develop over the years.

Adam Cook said...

Yes very good anonymous, rain = puddles thank you for the lesson.
Those of you who know that rain = puddles should also know that those puddles would normally be absorbed through the ever so foot friendly wood chips into the soil below within several hours. Here's the point Mr. There's no problem, THERE'S A DRAINAGE ISSUE AT HAND HERE! An issue that town hall feels can wait. And tell me, please because I'm DYING to read your answer, Did rain tear up the baseball field 3 years ago and leave it like that? Did rain break that bench and leave it that way? What about the garbage? Why are there no more trash cans in the parking lot? What about the swearing and the racial slurs that echo from the basketball court EVERYDAY M-S, rain again? You see, these are the issues at hand, this is what we're dealing with so go ahead and deny there's a problem, but we're not going to stop until something is done.

Anonymous said...

Things do get old over time but if you maintain them they would be like new. The former park and rec guy would have a fit if he sees these pictures. Pride is the answer. We should all take pride in this park and help to restore it to it's glory days. It's a gem.

Anonymous said...

Adam Cook must be live in the neigborhood. His pictures are technicaly pretty bad, is this to try to make things worse than they are?

The people that are all hyped up and vociferous, just seem to miss seeing see all the good. For some, they don't understand rainy weather and focus on how horrific the water problem is. Then in the summer they will probably complain that the grass is too dry, too wet, too dry, why isn't it just right?

Don't feel safe? I've never felt that way and I have been going there for years. What's to be afraid of?

About the trash and some damage. Is this all attibutable to those unruly out-of-towners? Some people were very upset about Moslem out-of towners that coming to Mixville at Cheshires expense and about their trash leavings. It is very upsetting to single out an attack people for their religious beliefs, what religion is acceptable.

Do these people want to prevent all the bad people from out of town and Moslems from using the park? Do they want to prevent all people from using the park? Maybe they want signs at all roads entering Cheshire to say we don't want out-of-towners or Moslems to use our parks, but if they pay or come to spend their money here it is O'K. One peson comment that there was person all the way from Bristol. Who are the worsed people, are they from Waterbury, New haven, Bridgeport? Some think the people from Bridgeport are the worst. Do you know anyone from Bridgeport? It must be scary if you don't know where your neighbor came from.

Does anyone have an idea for the signs? How about, "Cheshire Welcomes Your Money, That's It".

Adam Cook said...

Are you accusing me of doctoring my photos to look bad? That's laughable... really. Thank you for that I needed a chuckle. And as for the Muslims, My grandfather who lived here before me was named Ramadan Ismail. He was a full blooded immigrant Muslim. I have no ill feeling toward any one group of people and am insulted by your accusations. As for the rest of your post, I had some trouble following it. Also, I never complain about anything. I keep to myself and I like it that way. When's the last time any of you heard from me? For me to take the time to really push this issue means that something is seriously wrong. I'm so sick of you people saying that we're blowing this out of proportion. Mixville was once a picturesque oasis and we're just trying to bring it back to life.

Anonymous said...

To June 18, 2009 2:39 PM

What exactly is your agenda? The park needs work. Let's fix it.

Adam Cook said...

Updates on photo page. Click refresh to view.

Anonymous said...

The mixville mud has been moved

images here

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Why do the pictures greenish/ blue? Are there any better pictures with normal colors?

Adam Cook said...

They're blue because someone set my camera to fluorescent lighting and I didn't realize until it was too late. Color shouldn't make a difference. You can still see all the things that are wrong with the place. Mind you, town hall and park and rec seem to have gotten off their butts and started some construction.

Anonymous said...

" What about the swearing and the racial slurs that echo from the basketball court EVERYDAY"

Who are those people? It would seem that they are local to be there every night.

Adam Cook said...

Really? Wait... You're RIGHT! The Waterbury town line is a whole 3 miles away. They could NEVER travel that far everyday. Sorry for being such a twit everybody.

Adam said...

I was wrong. The town border is TWO miles away from Mixville, not three. Many Cheshire residents live farther away from the park than that. So what exactly was your point?