Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Barone on a new GOP strategy... go Ron Paul!

I noticed a Michael Barone piece cross-posted by Ironman. It's a fascinating read to me. While he ignores the middle east wars, he offers his suggestion for a winning GOP strategy. He says Republicans should run against the power center of Washington:

This center includes the Treasury, with its $700 billion of TARP funds voted last fall to purchase toxic assets from financial institutions and used instead to quasi-nationalize banks and preserve union benefits for employees and retirees of bankrupt auto companies. It includes the Federal Reserve, which has been vastly increasing the money supply. It includes a federal government whose $787 billion economic stimulus has so far failed to lower the unemployment rate from where the government projected it would be without the stimulus package.

What I love is that he's offering Ron Paul's agenda.

My guy didn't come anywhere near winning in 2008. But it's the victory of ideas that matters.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

What the GOP needs is not a new strategy, but a new GOP. The GOP needs to purge itself of all its old chronies and get some new blood. If Ron Paul is not the face of this new GOP then it new agenda or not it is the same GOP. Look at the Democratic party, Obama is surrounded by the same old chronies.