Thursday, June 11, 2009

HR 1207 hits 222; S 604 hits 2 !!!

Ron Paul's quest to kill the Fed is gaining steam!

HR 1207 - Audit the Fed has garnered 222 cosponsors... more than the 218 required to pass a bill in the House.

I love it!

Furthermore, Senator Bernie Sanders' sister bill - S 604 The Federal Reserve Sunshine Act - has gotten its first cosponsor!

Probably my favorite US Senator, Jim Demint, has signed onto Bernie's bill.

We're gaining momentum.

I intend to do my part to keep the pressure on Washington's two most famous crooks and liars - Geithner & Bernanke. And of course I need to keep the heat on Senator Ground Zero - a.k.a. Chris Dodd.

If we're ever going to reclaim America from the rich and powerful, we need to stop the Fed from their unprecedented actions.

Money doesn't grow on trees.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Now that a majority of Congress supports auditing the Fed, the questions are:

Will the Democratic leadership try to keep the bill locked up in committee?

And if they do, will all the co-sponsors support a motion to force the bill to the floor for a vote?

Stay tuned for fun n games.

Charles said...

The Fed is launching a PR campaign to counter HR 1207