Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ron Paul r3VOLution lives on...

I'll never forget the weekend of Friday January 4 to Tuesday January 8, 2008 - the runup to the New Hampshire primary. I was there in support of Congressman Ron Paul.

On Saturday there were two debates, a Dem and a GOP debate. Ron Paul - along with Rudy, Fred, McCain, Huckabee and Mitt - participated in the Saturday debate. It was sponsored by ABC, I think.

Sunday was different though. Fox sponsored the only debate. It was a GOP debate and it had only five participants - Ron Paul was excluded. As a result, several hundred Paulistas (myself included) gathered in downtown Manchester and cheered on Ron Paul for the TV cameras. Ron Paul was being excluded by Fox News.

Fast forward 18 months... add in the 2008 nationwide Democratic landslide... and suddenly Fox News thinks Ron Paul matters:

All of a sudden, Congress is paying close attention to Ron Paul.

The feisty congressman from Texas, whose insurgent "Ron Paul Revolution" presidential campaign rankled Republican leaders last year, now has the GOP House leadership on his side -- backing a measure that generated paltry support when he first introduced it 26 years ago.

Paul, as of Tuesday, has won 245 co-sponsors to a bill that would require a full-fledged audit of the Federal Reserve by the end of 2010.

Paul attracted just 18 co-sponsors when he authored a similar bill, which died, in 1983.
(read the full article - by Judson Berger - here)

The Ron Paul r3VOLution was never about Ron Paul. As I've said before, it's ideas - not personalities - that matter. And the ideas are winning. America's Political Class is worried.

Tim White

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