Monday, June 22, 2009

Cheshire's voter registration numbers

I just got the list of Cheshire's registered voters today.

Interesting tidbits to me...

There's just over 18,000 registered voters. So with 27,000 residents (non-prison) and 5,000 kids in the schools... it seems likely that there are a few thousand residents who are not registered... even after last year's Presidential election. Of course, there are other relevant demographics - kids who are not yet in the school system live here. But there's probably still a few thousand people who are unregistered.

Regardless, fewer than 16,000 people voted in last year's election. So as a town, we fell somewhere south of a 90% turnout... which is far from terrible. But 100% would be fantastic.

Also, two years ago (and for at least the past decade) the 4th District was the only district in town that had more registered Democrats than Republicans. But that's no longer the case. Three of the four districts now have more Ds than Rs... though all districts are about 50% unaffiliated.

Unsurprisingly, when you exclude unaffiliated voters from the 1st District... neither Ds nor Rs represent a majority... though as of today, Rs had a one registrant plurality... with the balance consisting of Working Family, Libertarian, Green, Concerned Citizens, Independent and some party that is coded as "IT."

Imagine that... the 1st District is evenly split by party registration. It's almost as if the district would be most properly represented by someone who is a part of both parties and in many ways isn't the least bit concerned about the sentiments of either Town Committee.Anyway, I thought the real political junkies among you may enjoy this stuff. I know I always find it interesting.

I wonder if Councilman I'm truthful in my own way enjoys this? He's probably salivating over it... I'm gonna be mayor... I'm gonna be mayor. Oh brother. We don't need another.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Tim, in the absence of ACORN or the Ayatollah's militia no community achieves 100% voter turnout

tim white said...

From my days in Vietnam, I recall my girlfriend telling me when she voted. I was caught off guard. "Huh? You didn't tell me you had to vote."

She went on to say that neither did she... but the police knocked on her door and "reminded" her that everyone in the house needed to go vote.

Quod Felix said...

I'd be interested in seeing the data from 2007 and 2005 to see if there are any trends. Is that possible?

Anonymous said...

So, Bob Moran was correct when he ran for Registrar of Voters. There was a large number of people not registered, but the entrenched Registrar of Voters of both partied wanted to refute that idea. It appears that the non R's & D's could actually control this little hamlet if there was a concentrate way to mobilize them to vote for specific people and ideas. What would the Town do if the unaffilliated's and independents were able to take over the Council and Board of ED. Problem is for a U or A to run they have to get signatures and most people vote based on upbringing and family political loyalty. many claim to be U's & A's but when it comes to voting for one they make a choice of R or D.

Anonymous said...

Apparently some localities in Iran had 120% voter turnout -- more votes cast than the number of registered voters -- ensuring Ahmadinejad's election.

(Now this madman will go on developing nuclear weapons, which even Obama won't be able to ignore).