Thursday, June 25, 2009

Promises made from within The Gated Castle

The MRJs Jesse Buchanan and the Herald's Josh Morgan have reported that Superintendent of Schools Greg Florio is staying in Cheshire. I wished him well when I heard he may get a new job - and I meant it. There is a downside to him staying though.

I recall being told a story by a friend. The story really has little to do with the Sptd, but is troubling nonetheless... in relation to others in Town Government.

A friend once told me of a desire to work in the schools. My friend also mentioned that desire to someone who resides in The Gated Castle. The resident of The Gated Castle then made some comment about how a job would be found quite easily in the Cheshire schools... for this person who was a friend of this resident of The Gated Castle.

It made me sick. And yes, I realize this stuff happens all the time. But when you understand all the relationships... and the influence... and power involved. The whole situation was extremely troubling. And sorry for being somewhat cryptic. I want to protect the innocent, so I'm not giving any further details. But rest assured, the residents of The Gated Castle will understand my concern exactly.

Anyway, my point is that the relationship that Town Hall speaks to having with the schools is troubling on many, many levels. A change in leadership on at least one side would be healthy for the Town.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

he stays because there is nowhere else where he would receive a higher salary, benefits, and shorter work week - - - just another overpaid town employee who is caught up in our form of local political shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

He has it made here in Cheshire. He can continue his same ways protecting who he wants to protect even if he has to be untruthful along the way. He can continue to show his arrogance towards anyone who questions what he does.

Change would have been a good thing. :(

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Cheshire!! you should know by now this is how things are done and you cannot change that.

Anonymous said...

"...this is how things are done and you cannot change that..."

The arrogance of entrenched political power must be speaking? Things do change and I for one hope they will change for the benefit of the majority of town residents.

Anonymous said...

The Supt of Schools was not even wanted by his hometown. The Cheshire Herald made it sound like the Supt changed his mind when in fact the selection board in Newington cut him.

Anonymous said...

That's what I figured. No way would the super admit to being "cut" from the selection process. He wants you to think he withdrew his application. Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to lay out a charge like that you can't be so cryptic. If you know something happened and want to make a change, come out with it, and stop hiding behind "I have to protect the innocent". Running a blog doesn't give you license to pass secondhand hearsay off. Make an accusation supported by at least some evidence or stop whining. These things do happen but acting in this way diminishes your cause and yourself.

Anonymous said...

Read the article in the Cheshire Herald. The headline leads you to believe Florio made the decision. The article clearly states he di not make the final cut. This is a case of the local paper using their influence and the knowledge many people determine their positions base don sound bites. A headline that is misleading is a soundbite and will mislead all of those that do not take the time to read the article in detail.

Anonymous said...

One quality Newington was probably looking for was honesty. So it's a no wonder that he didn't get the job.

My recommendation to anyone bringing an issue/problem to the school administration - don't forget your tape recorder.

Anonymous said...

There are so many qualified people trying to become a superintendent that it is unbelieveable that the salary is so high.

It's really so disappointing that Florio is staying. As long as he is here, the union will get everything they want, the taxpayers will continue to be berated, taxes will continue to soar and we will continue the same archaic approach to education.

We and the students have really lost.