Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ordinance Review discusses fees at Mixville

From the NHRs Luther Turmelle:

Efforts to implement a two-tiered fee structure for using Mixville Park was unanimously approved by the Parks and Recreation Commission Wednesday night, but stalled before the Town Council’s Ordinance Committee during a joint meeting of the groups.

Parks and Recreation officials wanted to put the fees in place immediately, but the council’s Ordinance Committee wants to study the issue for a month.

As a result, tempers flared:

(P&R Commision Chairman Jim) Nankin said he is frustrated by the council’s unwillingness to act because members of that body originally approached the Parks and Recreation Commission about implementing fees.

“This was your (the council’s) idea,” Nankin snapped at Democratic Councilman Sheldon Dill. “We would have left things alone.”

And ultimately, the Council's so-called leadership decided to whitewash the issue and punt:

“I would suggest we take this up again during the start of the next budget season,” said Ecke, who chair’s the council’s Budget Committee.

Tim White


Robert DeVylder Jr. said...

Make the ideas public and let the citizens make decisions. Many people will not use the town pool (myself included) because we are charged to use a facility funded by our taxes. If we jump the gun and charge for Mixville too, people will not use it either. If you build it, they will come, as long as the price is right.

Anonymous said...

Ecke loves to put things off rather than come out and say we shouldn't charge for the use of a park that is well past its prime.
Nankin should be upset. They wasted his time.

We wouldn't be able to collect enough revenue to get the lawn mowed.

Anonymous said...

If you charge a fee for Mixville then you should charge a fee to use any of the parks.

The whole reason for wanting a fee at Mixville in mean spirited and aimed at preventing people that we don't like from using it.

Give me a break. If you impose a fee, it will cost us money to administer than the fees bring in and it will cause a lot of problems related to disputes.

Also, you will make it harder for residents to use it.

Charge for the pavillion use during some part of the year, post signs that fines will be imposed for littering and let it go at that.

Anonymous said...

How long have you people lived in Cheshire excluding Devylder yous should know this. As a neighbor of the park and a frequent visitor I know that forever there was a fee charged to use the park. This ended a few summers after the pool opened and the town stopped staffing the park with lifeguards. The funny thing is 11:31 that any revenue we would collect would at least cover part of the the cost to mow the lawn...lets see, mow the grass, pick up the trash, chase away the geese, rake the beach, clean the bathrooms...your comment is almost as idiotic as saying hey pool memberships dont cover the cost of running the pool so lets stop charging. I hate people in this town who think everything is sunny and great. Go smoke some more dope and drive your toyota prius and keep voting for obama and well be all set. Meanwhile I am going down to mixville in my chevy and do some fishing. At least I know I wont run into any people like you. Anyone who uses the park would gladly pay to keep people like you out. Time for the west end of cheshire to start our own friggin town

Anonymous said...

"your comment is almost as idiotic as saying hey pool memberships dont cover the cost of running the pool so lets stop charging."

First of are an idiot.

My point was, they are not keeping up with the park so why would we charge people to go to a park with no life guards, geese droppings, and high grass?

You can go smoke dope in your Chevy with your fishing rod and catch some polluted fish.

Anonymous said...

The issue is one large group thAt takeS over the park every weekend. They are intentionally intimidating to other patrons making them feel unwelcome. They park everywhere and do not clean up before they leave. Why people are afraid to call them out is beyond me. put personnel there for a few weeks to force compliance or evict them from the park. It's not about where you live it's about common courtesy

Anonymous said...

"Time for the west end of cheshire to start our own friggin town."

Sounds good to us, all you need is a shot gun and some fishin' poles.

Get real...

This town needs to find a way to make sure residents (or non-residents) clean up after themselves.
It is similar to the coaches making sure the locker rooms are taken care of before they get ruined.
It's called responsibility.

To be honest with you, 12:18, you seem to feel that if you were born and bred in this town you have more rights than those of us who may have only lived in this town for 10 or 20 years. You're wrong, we pay taxes just like you and have a right to use the parks of this town without having to pay a fee.
You and your Chevy and your fishing pole should look elsewhere to live if you don't like those of us who are "newbies".

Anonymous said...

I hate people in this town who think everything is sunny and great.

Want a dumb comment. What's wrong with taxpayers being able to use their park, not yours, without having to pay more or go and get some sticker at the town hall.

And, while your using the park, you can help pick up any trash that you see.


Newbies get out!!! This town was way better when the population was half what it is today. The newbies needed a pool because their old community had one. Newbies wanted a linear trail because their old community had one. Newbies dont like Mixville because there is sand and not a deck. Newbies hate farmers, local business, and OUR way of life.
If Cheshire is such a terrible place, GET THE HELL OUT!!!

Anonymous said...

Newbies want pet spas. Newbies want an underproductive community farm. Newbies want prison advisory boards. Newbies want police commissions. Newbies want new locker rooms. Newbies want overpaid teachers. Newbies want golf courses. Newbies want EVERYTHING!!!!

Anonymous said...

Newbies also pay for your roads to be paved, schools to be heated, parks to be built and taken care of.

At one time you or your relatives were newbies here too.

I certainly hope you aren't as ignorant as you sound.

Look at those on the TC now and who is running this's not the newbies, its those who were born and raised in this town. They don't seem to be doing a great job.

It is time for the newbies to take control of this town and make a place where people like to live in an affordable way.

I love your type who just want to bash anyone who wasn't born here. I bet I bring a lot more to this town then you ever have.

Anonymous said...

how long have you lived here? Do you know this towns history? you state that you newbies pay for the roads to be paved but that is because you add to the traffic and conjestion. We had plenty of parks until newbies needed to have a community swimming hole. We had one, but we called it Mixville. newbies moving into town demanded a new swimming hole that they thought would be a free country club. Now that it costs money, the newbies wont use it.

Thanks newbies, your contributions have gone a long way. Couldnt have done it without you!!

Anonymous said...

The pool is not the only problem. The newbies are only part of the problem. There should be a fee to enter mixville. They should re open the dump and get rid of trash hauling. They should fire half the police dept, fire marshall office, town staff, and town public works. What do all these people do? If this was a corporation it would be in worse shape the GM and chrysler combined. Where is the accountability. I do agree the town was a better place before it grew. Jewbies complain to much about issue such as pool, parks, roads etc. Go back to dirt roads, mixville park, and town meetings.

Anonymous said...

4:12 & 8:57

How long have you lived here?
I wonder how the people who lived here prior to you or your ancestors felt.

If you want to live in a farming community, move to Iowa.

Again, I ask you, what have you contributed to this town?
You just sound like an arrogant, egotistical SOB.

Anonymous said...

I've been here all of my 64 years on earth. My ancestors have been here since 1790. We helped build this town that you "newbies" feel is inadiquite. Those of us that are rooted here are proud of our community and get sick to our stomaches when newbies try to change us to mirror other places that they hated. If things are so bad here, go back to where you came from

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a bitter person you are.
Do you use gas lanterns in your home and drive horse and buggies too?

WALE UP! This is the 21st century.
Whether you like it or not, we are here to stay. Many of us "Newbies" have added a lot to this community.

Cheshire will never go back to being a farming community with a couple of hundred residents. If that is what you are looking for, go to Iowa.

I get sick and tired of people like you who feel we have no rights to be here. We work hard, pay our taxes and contribute to this community. It boggles my mind why a 64 year old would be so negative.

I am not for raising taxes, I am not for artificial turf, I am not for new locker rooms, and I am definitely not for the 5 Dems whose roots are here in this town.


It seems like all you do is bitc and moan about people who live here but weren't born hre.

Anonymous said...

By the way....we helped build this wasn't people like you.

Lets realize we are in the 21st century...things change....I am sure your ancestors who came here in 1790 didn't think they would be the only ones ever living in this town.

It was the newbies who moved here in the 1800's, the newbies who moved here in the 1900's. and the newbies who moved here in this century that built this town, not the one who settled here in 1790.

I also am hoping that the word "Jewbies" that was in your comment was just a typo. Or you are showing your true colors.

Anonymous said...

i am one of those newbies who moved to the mixville area a few years ago because of the park. i enjoy taking my kids to the park to throw a ball and do some fishing and play on the playground. i would be happy to pay because when we moved here the park was cleaner.

last year i had my family in from the Catskills and we went to the park for a cook out on a Sunday because i had talked to them about how nice the park was.

The place was mobbed with people not from Cheshire who were rude to us and wouldn't let us use a picnic table in the pavillion. When i asked them if they had rented the place they said no it was on a first come first serve. at least that is what i understood them to say.

So charge everyone so the residents can enjoy the park.

it seems that by not charging it is costing us money to keep up the park, so help defray the costs

if you dont charge the out of towners at Mixville then they should be able to use the pool for free to.

Anonymous said...

does it cost more to use the car wash too?