Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Local party registrations: 2007 vs. 2009

Quod Felix requested a comparison of voter registration for 2007 vs. 2009. Here it is Quod:This was a quick recap in which I did not account for voters registered with parties other than the two major ones. So it's imperfect. But I think this gives a good sense of the voter registration trends here in town over the past two years.

Two significant moments come to mind for me.

1) Lieberman / Lamont (in August 2006) got people to register as Dems in big numbers. But that was before these August '07 numbers.

2) Obama / HRC (in February 2008) got people to register as Dems in big numbers. And that happened after these August '07 numbers.

I'm confident that party registrations are trending Democratic in town. But with regard to people registering as Dems for either of those primaries, I don't see any of those issues having much impact in the local election this fall. But what do I know? We'll see though.

Tim White

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