Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Roads to be improved in 2009

The list of roads to be improved this year has finally been announced. See the lists here:If you watched the meeting, you may have noticed me ask about who crafted this list. I thought I heard the TM mention that the list was prepared by the DPW Director. And while that would have been fine a year ago... I don't see why staff would be involved in crafting this list in the least bit... not after we invested wasted $50,000 on yet another consultant.

Regardless, while these reports aren't exactly the easiest things to understand... you can now see which roads will be improved this year.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

10 out of the 22 are cul de sacs???

That is amazing to me. You would think many of the through roads would need it more.

Sounds like we are paving for a select few.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell are we repairing roads that go nowhere? Some of these roads get so little traffic that repairing them is a waste. Pinebrook Ct. doesnt even have a crack in it. Fire the leaders of the Public Works as they are as compitant as stone wall.

My appologies to stone walls, you serve a purpose.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Why the ____ are we repairing roads that go nowhere? Some of these roads get so little traffic that repairing them is a waste. "

For some time now it appears that for whatever reason the town has allowed and accepted residential road construction practices which are so poor that roads in at least some sub divisions begin to fall apart almost before the town accepts them. In addition many paved driveways in these sub divisions are of even poorer quality.

Who pays for this? Obviously the initial payments are made by all of us lucky home owners who buy a home in a new town sub division. When the dirty little secret about the poor quality construction begins appearing a couple of years after the last home sale has been closed by our local Realtors and their attorneys, it's time for the town to rebuild the new streets.

The town needs to enforce more reasonable construction standards and practices when residential sub division roads and driveways are first constructed. The current practices seem to be inadvertently enriching the builders while they inadvertently negatively impact the initial home buyers followed by everyone who pays taxes so the new roads can be repaired and rebuilt time and again until the proverbial cows come home.