Saturday, June 20, 2009

Got my passport back!

My passport was set to expire in July. Thankfully, I had someone pushing me to renew it and I just got it back. A few months ago I had tentative plans for a return to Slovenia... and maybe my first foray into Croatia. I've heard fantastic things about the Dalmatian Coast. (I do have some great memories from the nearby Montenegran coast.) But those plans are not going to happen. Instead, I'm thinking about continuing my adventures in central America.

You may remember the last time I flew someplace was Nicaragua in February 2007. And now I'm thinking about continuing deeper into centroAmerica - Costa Rica and, maybe, Panama.

I have to try to rearrange some stuff, but am hoping to go ASAP. I checked flights a few days ago and RT tickets for NYC - San Jose were under $300. And since I'm not much into the luxury travel, I'm guessing I can easily get by on less than $30/day... excluding any fun stuff like jungle canopy walks or volcano treks. But it's been a while and I've been pretty frugal lately, so I'm comfortable spending some money on the one part of my life where I tend to act without knowing pretty well what to expect - exploring the developing nations of the world.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Hope you trip works out for you! My kids just got their passports too. We're headed to Bermuda. Cruisin is the only way to go!

Anonymous said...

Stay wherever you go. Ruin their government