Saturday, June 06, 2009

One month anniversary of Dodd's lip service

Jane Hamsher of the liberal blog FireDogLake made this video on May 6. In the video, Dodd promised to ask for the names of the banks that received the Federal Reserve's recently printed $2.2 trillion.

Since a month has passed, does anyone happen to know if Dodd has even asked for the names yet? And if by chance he fulfilled his promise... has he gotten an answer? Don't forget... he's the Senate Banking Chairman. So he could simply subpoena the information... if he really wanted it. But then, I'm guessing that in large part the Fed's printing press was being run for the benefit of Chris Dodd's large campaign donors... such as Goldman Sachs. So would Dodd really want that information revealed?

I conclude that Chris Dodd was paying lip service to Jane Hamsher. I further conclude that Chris Dodd opposes transparency and good government.

Tim White

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