Saturday, June 27, 2009

Taxi business proposed

The MRJs Jason Vallee reports:

Mubarik Mir, a taxi driver with Metro Taxi, is ready to start his own business.... Mir is proposing to open My Taxi, a new company that would provide two taxis for service in Meriden, Wallingford and Cheshire.... "I'm following the American dream and trying to open my own business," he said. "I have the experience to operate my own company and I've got records to show I've never had a complaint filed against me. All I ask is that I have the chance to try."

Sounds good to me. I love it when someone goes after the American dream.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

So that is how the Muslims are going to pay for mixville

Anonymous said...

Wow....11:57...not too much of a bigot, are you?

Anonymous said...

it is also how they are going to get to Bartlem Park. The idiots running this town are just going to force everyone that is damaging Mixville to go to Cheshire and Bartlem Parks. EVERY park needs to have a charge or we are going to be chasing the damage from one end of town to the other.

Charging to use something that was free does not increase usage. Every council member that voted to charge for 1 park only should be lynched on the town green for being so stupid.

Anonymous said...

I am sure we are going to get a flood of people taking cab to Bartlem Park.
Why don't we put a sign at the entrance of each park that says "Only WASPS can use this park"?

Anonymous said...

Someone put on the WRA article blog that the rest of the parks are usually empty and will remain free for anyone to use.

Anonymous said...

The Muslims don't scare the Jew's do. If we ( the US) would stop protecting that nation then violence would be seriously curbed in the world.