Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ideas, not personalities, are what matters

As I've been mentioning with more frequency lately, the Federal Reserve needs to be given a real audit. Just this week, Ron Paul's bill - HR 1207, Audit the Fed! - surpassed the critical 218 cosponsor mark in the House. And it was done in a bipartisan support - 150 or so Rs and 50 or so Ds, as well as 36 of the 71 members of Barney Frank's House Financial Services Committee. (Frank is not a cosponsor.)

Perhaps the most senior member on the Democratic side is the far left Presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich. I've mentioned Dennis' opposition to the Federal Reserve in the past. So in a sense, Republican Ron Paul and Democrat Dennis Kucinich are leading the charge to demand accountability from the Beast the Fed.

And even the HuffPo has taken notice (by Ryan Grim):

The twin leaders of the movement personify the right-left coalition pressing for Fed reform. Kucinich ran for president representing the Democratic left flank, while Paul ran representing the libertarian wing of his party. The GOP embrace of Paul's Fed skepticism is a signal of its movement in his direction.

Anyway... my point with this post is simply... neither Ron Paul nor I would have ever cried over his GOP primary loss. That's because personalities don't matter. Ideas do. And the r3VOLution begun by Ron Paul in 2007 is just beginning to build steam.

Viva la revolucion! Let's take back our country!

Tim White

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