Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ordinance Review Committee meeting - June 3

8:00 P.M., WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3, 2009

They'll be discussing fees for Mixville Park. Frankly though, I'm not sure why the Council is bothering to have this discussion. I mean, sure... for years the Council voted on the fees in town, including the pool. But lo and behold, earlier this year the Council was told that attendance at the pool was too low. So in an effort to increase attendance, staff decided fees needed to be lowered... and the Council performed its traditional role. Shocking!

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I thought we charged at Mixville in the 80's and 90's. Place was pretty busy then

Anonymous said...

They charged admission to mixville ever since they bought the park from the original owner. Why should a bunch of talabani muslims be allowed to use the park on sundays and the pavillion without paying for it. This should be a great source of income for the town. Back in the day they had paddle boats for rent, a hot dog stand, a ski tow rope, diving areas, and a nice base ball field. Now we have nothing like that. The pavillion is not kept up, the ski slope is long gone, no life guards, and no people going there. They opened the pool with the thought that people would go there. That has not happended. When they did that the stopped having lifegaurds at mixville. For fifty years they charged for a seasonal pass to mixville and it was generally well attended. Do they still have summer camps there? Another good source of revenue. If the town does not want to keep it up than give it back to the real cheshire people (i.e. The citizens of Mixville and West Cheshire).

Anonymous said...

Why do we have to charge residents to use the park? it will cost more to administer and it will reduce the attendance and fun that our kids could have.

Right now we don't charge residents or non-residents for the use of Bartlem and I can't see what the difference between Mixville and other parks are.

I can see a charge for having an occasion atthe pavillion and that charge should be for both residents and non-residents, but the rest of the park should be accessible to all. Some people in town don't like outsiders using the park, why I don't know, but there may be some bigotry assoiated with it. Heavens, we don't want people from Bridgeport, Waterbury, and the likes.

Leave the parks free and let all the children have a some fun in this most important time of their lives. Let's not be Scrooges.

Consider a Cheshire resident that wants to have an occasion at the pavillion and invites all their friends and not one lives in Cheshire.

And, as for the neighbors, they are lucky to live next to the park. It improves the value of their property, but just because they are neighbors they don't have any more right than anyone else to determine usage rules for the park.

Hurray for America and equality.

Anonymous said...

They should have an all you can eat curry cook out featuring goats, sheep, and dog on sundays. Has anyone seen it done there on sundays. It is a free for all down there. It dont care if the jews, catholics, protestants, or agnostics want a party done there, they should have to pay as well. Who do you think pays for this. the citizens of cheshire. We have to pick up trash, mow grass, sweep floors, clean bathrooms, and other general maintanace. With each of these items there is a cost. Thhere a plenty of towns that have parks in it. Waterbury has a ton of them. Stay home or pay admission. It is not about bigotry, racism, or "not in my backyard". The taxes are so out of control in this town that something has to change. This should be the first of many changes.

Anonymous said...

I heard they wanted open a camel riding park on the weekends

Anonymous said...

I saw two of the talibani muslims riding a camel up the ski slope on sunday. At least this year they have not been using the pond as a bath tub.

Anonymous said...

I guess some people would like to have an entrance both at every town park. That would createa jobs and keep undisireables from other towns out.

I'll bet the people that are complai9ning the most don't even go to Mixville, but they just don't see why anyone else should be able to enjoy themselves.

Get a life and move on. Why be so mean spirited and bigotted.

Robert DeVylder Jr. said...

I stopped by Mixville yesterday morning and found that with the exception of 1 small area, the park was surprisingly clean. I am really shocked that more residents do not use it. The water looked clean, the beach was poop free, and the grounds were well kept. Town residents should consider visiting the park more often and see what it has to offer naturally before trying to lock people out.

People from surrounding towns and cities have realized that we have a large, open public area that nobody goes to. If they want to use it, so be it. Part of what makes us the "snobs" that we are is that we would rather swim in a multi-million dollar facility that most of the town hates rather than use a natural resource that costs next to nothing. We would rather pay hundreds of dollars to be seen at the town pool rather than use a free facility that has more to offer for our kids.

Anonymous said...

You people are all missing the point. They always charged for using mixville. It is only recently they stopped charging. If the weather is nice on sunday, head doen there and see what is going on. You would think Bin Laden is holding a convention.