Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kucinich and Buchanan agree - Kill the Fed!

Coming in from the left, Dennis Kucinich wants to kill the Federal Reserve. And now weighing in from the right, Pat Buchanan echoes the comments of Kucinich:

The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express

when he speaks highly of the new anti Federal Reserve book Meltdown:

For the financial crisis that has wiped out trillions in wealth, many have felt the lash of public outrage.

Fannie and Freddie. The idiot-bankers. The AIG bonus babies. The Bush Republicans and Barney Frank Democrats who bullied banks into making mortgages to minorities who could not afford the houses they were moving into.

But the Big Kahuna has escaped.

The Federal Reserve.

I hope CTs 2010 US Senate contest can be something of a catalyst to begin a national dialogue on some basic money questions:

1) sound money vs. fiat money
2) fractional reserve banking vs. full reserve banking
3) bailouts vs. bankruptcies
4) existence of a central bank
5) US dollar as the world's reserve currency

that have long been ignored by The Political Class.

Tea Party, anyone?

Tim White

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