Monday, June 01, 2009

Chamber Notes - June 1

Our next Business After Hours will be held at Paw Pet Resort & Spa on Tuesday, June 2nd from 5-7p.m. 313 East Johnson Ave. Enjoy a summer BBQ with Red Dog Beer & Wine. Pets are welcome to attend.

Congressman Chris Murphy will be the speaker at the Chamber breakfast on June 23rd at Elim Park from 8am - 9am. Please RSVP.

Cheshire Chamber Family night - New Britain Rock Cats Baseball game. Saturday, June 27th, 2009. Price is $15 per person. Gates Open 5:05 pm, Picnic time: 5:35 pm, game time 6:35 pm. All- you-can-eat buffet. Kids 12 & under receive a free Rock Cat Baseball! Please RSVP Deadline is June 12th.

The Chamber is considering subleasing space within our office. - one room with common areas of kitchen, bathroom, conference room & reception area. A discounted rate will be offered to Chamber members.

The Chamber will again be partners with the Travelers Championship Golf Tournament in Cromwell CT. Tournament tickets will be available to our golf tournament Gold and key sponsors. The Chamber Golf Classic will be held on July 27th at The Farms Country Club.

Alderson Funeral Homes will be having an open house from 2pm - 5pm on Saturday June 13th at their new location 615 South Main Street. (The corner of Elmwood Drive & South Main). Anyone unavailable to attend can call to make an appointment to see the new facility. Please call 203-272-7209.

Consider advertising in the upcoming Member Directory & Community Guide which includes the Cheshire Phone book!

Thank you to the following members that have generously donated to our Fireworks fund:

Platinum: Atlas Pro Fireworks;
Gold: Impact Production Group;
Silver: O.J. Mann Electric, Holiday Hill Management Company;
Bronze: Eye care Associates, The Benefits Group;
Patron: Sheldon Dill, Joan Nardello & Tim White.

I think Dan Ford is having his open house for Alderson Funeral Home right after the Strawberry Festival... so you can guess my plans that day. And FWIW, it was probably decades ago... but Chris Dodd has attended the Strawberry Festival. So I'm sure he knows of it. I wouldn't be surprised to see him attend as tries to reintroduce himself to his Hawkeye Nutmeg supporters.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I got a card in the mail for the Alderson Funeral Home open house. For some reason it just sounds creepy to go check out the new funeral home.

Anonymous said...

It's a very interesting facility. Dan put a lot of thought into how it should look and operate. Comparing Slaters and Aldersons (which Dan owns both of) is like night and day. I can see the advantages to both buildings and (as creepy as it sounds) I look forward to seeing the new building in operation. I would recemend visiting during a "happy" time!

Anonymous said...

The deal at the Pet & Paw shows to what low level we have allowed our society to reach. Anyone that willingly spends 60 - 1-8 dollars per day to pamper their pets should be sent for treatment. We have homeless (Not in Cheshire)we have poor seniors, new parents that can't afford to live here and yet we have a business that caters to the owners of dogs & cats. We do not have a movie theater but the dogs do. We serve beef, venison, bison, ostrich to animals at whatever specified temperature they choose, but we cannot afford to or choose to help the local food bank. This town needs a good cleansing.

Wake up you clowns.

tim white said...

We have homeless (Not in Cheshire) I disagree... they're just unnoticed. It's truly sad.

Anonymous said...

To 7:02

I think you should be careful about bashing a local business owner. Perhaps it is to the extreme to pamper your pets, but he is a business owner who pays taxes and hires local residents to work there.

Robin and Joe Whitright are very involved in this community and have donated to many charities.

It isn't fair to pick on them here.

Yes there are some homeless here as there are others who can't afford to live here. The only answer is for all of us to to fight the constant spending of our TC and try to reach out to those in need.
Picking on honest, hard working business owners is unfair and I am surprised that you wouldn't come to their defense as well Tim.

Anonymous said...

Nobody told Tim what to say... Yet

The homeless can work at the pet place and eat the dogs leftovers

tim white said...

I was focused on the lack of recognition that we do have homeless people in Cheshire. It's largely unnoticed and certainly is no epidemic. But it's pretty upsetting to me.

As for spending money on pets, regulars here know I don't even have cable TV.

That's not to say I don't spend money. In Feb 2007 I went to Nicaragua and loved it. That trip cost a pretty penny. So I just have my own priorities. We all have our own priorities.

And if others have the money and want to give business to a local establishment... that's fine with me. It's the libertarian-streak in me. I believe in personal responsibility and want as little government interference as possible in business and in our lives.

I may be misstaken, but I don't think I normally comment on the personal spending habits of others. My gripe is credit card spending that's helping send America into a tailspin. But credit card spending is quite different from spending money that one has earned, IMHO.

As for why I didn't comment - I knew it would take a few minutes and didn't feel like it. But now I feel compelled to comment.

Anonymous said...

I knew you would understand, just hate to see people attacking honest, har working people.
We all have the right to spend money any way we wish.
I personally wouldn't send my dog to doggie day care, but that's my perogative.
We all need to make sure that we do what we can to help those in our community. Whether we feed the hungry, help the elderly, or give to a charity. I would hope that those who have enough money to pay for the extravagances of life would also be giving back to the community.
I may not be in the higher income bracket myself, but I make sure I give both monetarily and time wise to local charities.
I suggest more people do this and they may find it makes living here a lot better.

By the way Tim...Nicaragua??Don't know many people who would choose there for a vacation...sounds interesting.

tim white said...

Nica was fantastic and I highly recommend it. But that's for relaxation. To get the blood flowing, I'd recommend other places.

I'll never forget the adrenaline rush I got when my bus got pulled over while travelling down a road that passed through Khmer Rouge territory in 1996... or listening to Hezbollah music get blasted out of a scratchy old P.A. on the Lebanon / Israel border in June 2000... and seeing that elephant stampeding toward me on the top of Kilimanjaro was pretty crazy too... although my guide insisted I was simply hallucinating due to high altitude sickness, I'm still convinced that bull was charging me! hahaha... Nica was quiet... seriously great time though... I'd recommend to anyone... even my (ex) girlfriend loved it... and she got her first passport specifically for that trip.

I'd like to visit Iran next. But I don't think my girlfriend would be up for that.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to vacationing in Hawaii or the Caribbean??

I like safe vacations.

Join the National Guard and you may be able to get a free trip to some fun places like Iraq or maybe Iran, or possibly North Korea in the not too distant future.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is picking on the local hardworking business people. They should be commended for developing a method to make a profit and living from exploitation of a bunch of animal lovers. These people should be elected to the Town Council. How sad it is when a person spends $400 a month to pamper a dog. Spend half of that to buy supplies for the food or fuel bank.

Anonymous said...

What's lost in the criticism of the Pet & Paws patron is the probility that this patron does in fact contribute to charity in some measure by even your "high" standards. Who are any of us to judge anyway. I'm sure each of us indulges in some excess by another person's standards. You all sound like you are opening your arms to Obama's wealth redistributors where mediocrity and sloth will reign and the ranks of the poor will only expand.


Anonymous said...

if you dont have cable tv, how do you watch cnn or msnbc enough to pass judgement or even stay informed? Seems odd that a politican would allow himself to be caught so far out of the loop

Anonymous said...

If someone wants to spend THEIR HARD EARNED money on their pets welfare what is it to anyone else?
I know many people who contribute to many well deserved organizations and still want the peace of mind of having their pets looked after when they can't be there for them. Some people do without to provide for their pets. Like it or not many people get more comfort from their pets than their human neighbors.
So lighten up and
find something else to critisize instead of a hard working couple who are working and contributing to the tax base of Cheshire.