Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Southington to hear from W/S

SOUTHINGTON - The town will meet this month with retail developers to find out what kind of impact a large shopping center on the Cheshire border could have on Southington. The meeting between the town and W/S Development of Chestnut Hill, Mass., will be held July 18 at Southington Town Hall (MRJ, by Leslie Hutchison).

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Did Southington ask Cheshire what we felt about the Home Depot, a Hotel, restricted aged housing??? Southington just wants financial gain from the developers.

Anonymous said...

Well, that appears to be all that our folks cared about as well.

Anonymous said...

"wants financial gain"

That's all Paul Bowman, Doug Calcagni and Frank DiNatali probably care about too. No consideration of any of the impacts on the residents of Cheshire or the environment.

It's only about money.