Monday, July 28, 2008

New Haven's Turf

From the NHRs Elizabeth Benton:

NEW HAVEN - The school district has entered the artificial turf controversy, choosing polyethylene fiber for a lawn adjacent to the Worthington Hooker School playground where natural grass could not grow.

The state is currently preparing a study on the safety of the artificial fields....

Some districts recently have shied away from the turf. In March, the Amity regional schools decided against installing an $800,000 artificial field due to the cost and safety concerns. Last year, conservation officials blocked an artificial turf field at Fairfield Country Day School....

According to the state Department of Public Health, health risk from the fields "appears unlikely," but "additional investigation is warranted." The DPH found no reason for municipalities to halt installation of artificial turf.

Meanwhile, alternative studies, including one conducted by North Haven-based Environment and Human Health Inc., found chemicals and gases released by the crumb-rubber tires that could cause eye and lung irritation and allergic reactions, and could potentially be cancer-causing.

The group recommended a moratorium on new fields until additional research could be completed.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Don't tell Altieri that they want a moratorium, he could care less.
What I am sick of hearing is all those involved in Football are saying the turf is good because it will generate more income. How you may ask? By getting state playoff games there once a year. I am sure the CIAC will make sure all those games will go to Cheshire over all the other places that have artificial turf because Cheshire's will be the best. Cheshire will then get half the revenues...a whopping $10,000 to $15,000. So, that will cover 10% of the cost.
Then they tell you that there will be many more activities there. Like??Lacrosse...more band competitions, etc. I am sure anyone who lives in that neighborhood will be looking forward to more band competitions. And where does the Relay go to? When you mention the pool to them they say let the swimmers take care of that.
Unfortunately, the football team supporters and the swim team supporters will not come up with the amount of money needed to fix the pool and install the turf. They just think the town should open up the checkbook and pay for these things. I even heard one person have the gall to say that they (the football supporters) came up with half the money (the state grant) so the town should come up with the rest. Hmmm...perhaps they should put more padding in those helmets they wear.
It is time the people in this town opened their eyes and realize that we can't keep foolishly spending money on frivolous things. Not when we have a pool that is costing us almost a half million dollars a year. We need to fix what we have before we get in further over our heads.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to go to China to buy toxic toys

Anonymous said...

And if the CIAC holds the state playoffs at CHS along with that will be the added EXPENSE of police officers necessary to cover the crowds and direct traffic in and out.
More events means more noise for the Elmwood Drive and surrounding areas.
More events means more care and repair to the field.
More events mean more EXPENSES overall for the town.