Thursday, July 10, 2008

We the people 2.0

The Revolution March!


Anonymous said...

Are you going to march on the 12th?

1. Get out of IRAQ? (No Timetable)
2. End the war (not win?)
3. No to the Patriot Act?
4. Down with Bush?
5. No to NAFTA?
6. Stand up to Bush?
7. No national ID card?
8. No NAU?
9. Make peace not war?
10. No army can stop an idea who's time has come?
11. Drive out the Bush Regime
12. NO unconstitutional wars?

Wow, are we back in the 60's again, because I missed the first Woodstock, My brother went right after he got back from Vietnam. He didn't get a hero's welcome either!

These ideas are a bit to the far left for me, I would love to go but I would be the only Conservative Republican there.

Dude, Ron Paul didn't make the cut because of the above statements. I can't support you on this, I mean no disrespect at all. I would still love to go with you just to see it and to say I was there and to take some pictures. So let me know if you are taking the Peace Train or the Love Bus down..

I'm still a Tim White supporter because your an honest guy that truly cares and is not "in it" for selfish reasons.

Very Respectfully,

M. Rocci

Anonymous said...

Tim, there are many refreshing beverages other thsn Kool Aid.

Have you thought about switching to ice tea?

tim white said...


This war was never constitutionally "declared." Therefore, like Vietnam & Korea, it is unconstitutional and I vehemently oppose that.

A national ID card is entirely unAmerican. I'm only 35 and I remember where the Presidential debates used to be.

As for standing up to Bush... when exactly did the GOP Congress (or Dem Congress) really challenge him?... Rubber Stamping is not the role of the Congress... though I remember one particular issue in which Hunter and Sensenbrenner made huge headlines because they agreed with the military and told Bush "no."

To be a conservative Republican is not to simply agree with Bush.

And regardless of how you feel about the above... my opinion is that fiscal policy will destroy the US dollar, perhaps in 10-20 yrs... I'm not sure.

Seriously Mike... do you believe that the runup in gas prices is unrelated to US fiscal policy and monetary policy?... policies that are largely the responsibility of Bush.

We should get back to basics: balanced budget, declared war (when attacked), gold standard.

That's what I want. And Ron Paul is not my guide... the Constitution is my guide.

Anonymous said...


Great come back..but are you going and can I go with you?