Thursday, July 17, 2008

CL&P tree trimming info

The Town's Tree Warden, Joe Michelangelo, provided this info to the Council via the TM:

The tree trimming work scheduled for the remainder of the year is:

Wiese Rd - All
Wallingford Rd - Route 10 to Charles Dr
Far Horizon Dr - Wallingford Rd to Carriage Dr
Carriage Dr - Far Horizon to Academy Rd
Country Club Rd - Wolf Hill Rd to Buckland Dr
Ives Row - Mountain Rd to Foster Rd.
South Meriden Rd - Yalesville Rd to Courtland Rd (New poles and lines)
Yalesville Rd - South Meriden to Terrell Farm Rd (New poles and lines)

We have requested a list of work that has already been performed this year.

CL&P has different standards for Enhanced and Maintenance Trimming, but basically they cut everything 8’ on both sides of the power lines, and 20’ above them. Ground growth is generally topped off at 14’ high, but it varies depending on the height of the lines. From my experience with utility work, the backbone lines are typically cleared on a 4-5 year cycle, and the lateral lines on a 6-7 year cycle. This requires them to do at least 15% of their lines in a given year. From the schedule above, they are way short. We can keep on CL&P to ensure we get our fair share of tree trimming work performed.

As a side note, since CL&P passes on the cost of this tree work to their rate payers, the amount of money they spend on tree work is tied to their DPUC rate approvals. In an effort to keep the rates lower, the DPUC generally reduces the amount of money that the power companies request.

Just thought this may interest some of you. And if I recall correctly, the position of "Tree Warden" is defined by Charter.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

What's the tree warden doing about the dead trees? There's two on King Road that have been requested to be taken down and are still there.

Anonymous said...

these arent the droids you are looking for (blah blah blah) - insert your slanted opinion here. foreign oil etc etc etc. tree warden rubber stamps (approves) of all tree issues. I wish I were TM (IMO) I would do better. Transparent government would fix the dead trees. I have no answers for you but will continue to throw up noise. Ron Paul is a the answer to all OUR WOES. Artificial turf is the antichrist, and all NFL teams playing on the turf know nothing compared to the Cheshire Town Council. did I miss anything......Oh yes did I mention I would love to be Town Manager. By the way did I mention how I would love to be TM, even going the unions (because they cant see through my pitiful attempts) to look for potential issues that I can blame on the TM. Did I mention I have no answers either, I just like to make issues to stir the pot, but have no alternative answers. Is thi site run by solar energy ??? It its not boycot the internet