Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The RFP for the next "cover"

I'm not going to post much on this right now... it's late... but I do want to set the record straight on something....

If you saw the meeting, you may recall my amendment to save money, conserve energy, improve our general health and protect the environment by requesting the slush money (AP) be redirected to the construction of a permanent structure for the pool. Of course, the majority rejected my common sense goal on the notion that "we don't know if there will be a permanent structure for the pool." Or some such malarkey.

Yet they've already rejected the idea of a summer-only facility. And I don't believe they could be foolish enough to buy another bubble... so where does that leave us?

It leaves us here (the email I mentioned tonight):

"We will be focused on the RFP for the next 'cover.'"

Read that statement again.

It's pretty clear to me that there will be another "cover." So why am I wrong in concluding that this decision has already been made... as usual... behind closed doors?

Tim White


Anonymous said...


I think I smell benzene in my drinking water..I better call Mr. Sima man to come check it out for me, I'm sure he'll do it for free!


Anonymous said...

I suppose Mr. Altieri thinks using $136 barrel oil to heat the great outdoors is a peachy keen idea for the town's taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

How absolutely amazing it all is. We have now seen clearly that a group of locals believes fervently that taking grants which then require you to spend large sums of your own money which you have not yet appropriated is the best way to govern. As I ponder this behavior I am reminded of so many of my fellow Americans who as grown adults recently started believing in the tooth ferry again. That ferry came to them in the form of loan hucksters and real estate traders offering them too good to be true sub prime mortgage money on over priced properties- - just sign on the dotted line, don’t even give it a thought and the home of your dreams is yours, until - - -

Yep, accepting grant money prior to fully having in place a detailed plan which is legally approved by those in charge, i.e. THE VOTERS, probably guarantees that we are witnessing the next pool project unfolding now even though the pool still does not meet basic expectations on energy performance yet.

Anonymous said...

the fact that Councilman Altieri wouldn't answer the question about whether he requested the funds was troubling...I can't believe that Matt Hall is letting that happen. i feel that matt hall is above that type of slimeyness....A Town councilman not disclosing whether he is personally involved in a matter that he is going to vote on...even when being directly asked the question?....isnt that against the rules????I am not against turf,,,,I just really don't think its fair to taxpayers to try and push this thru when its obvious that it is going to require the town to lay out funds.

Anonymous said...

The economy is going to hell in a handbasket and the Cheshire Dems are busy buying more disposable toys

Anonymous said...

The election can't happen fast enough. I hope the republicans are already putting together a list of potential canidates to run. How hard can it be to defeat some of the self serving members already on the TC?
I used to think our elected officials would vote for items that the majority were in favor of, not in Cheshire!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:01
It was a simple question but he would not answer. Why???