Tuesday, July 22, 2008

08/09 Capital budget - public properties

As you can see, this budget schedule is actually labeled "finance & administration." But I think "public properties" is a better title.
Below is support for the items proposed by the TM for "year one" of the capital budget:
Tim White


Anonymous said...

What's this "flora fauna inventory" at Boulder Knoll? So we're likely to spend $80,000 for a parking lot and to drill a well over there?? Isn't the well drilling being done just to see if there's safe drinking water there? Seems like a lot of money being spent just so some people can grow a few vegetables. And if the water is not safe, then we'll end up with a paved parking lot...for what?

Anonymous said...

What and where is the "underground fuel tank" that needs replacing?

Anonymous said...

Tim, it seems like this Boulder Knoll group is slowly pushing their agenda on the town,,,,,its also funny that at all our open spaces...we are going to build paved parking lots? Huh? what happened to the gardens at Bartlem Park?