Wednesday, July 23, 2008

St Peters bell & the Library

I was fortunate enough to stop by the (re)inauguration of St. Peter's bell on Sunday. The church put on a really nice event, attended by more than 100, perhaps in excess of 200, people. But the real treat of the event for me was when I bumped into the Human Services Comittee Chair, Meredith (Guilford) Sturges.

Her father, Bert Guilford, was a "Mayor" of Cheshire. But before that, he was the Chair of the Library Board. As such, he delivered comments at the annual town meeting.

Now here's the little treat that I was given at the bell ringing... the notes from the 1960 annual town meeting. Now I just need to give them to someone. I figured I'd pass them to the Historical Society, but now I'm thinking I may offer them to the Library.Tim White

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